Friday, August 3, 2018


This is how you make obbleck.
people that were in my group
Khamani,Jazsariah,Cloey and me


  1. HI Kamo, Its Satyn from Kawakawa Primary School, I really like this oobleck stuff it looks fun to make and interesting and really messy, I will try and make this and post it on my blog so you can see how my one turned out. I like how you have introduced your group who you worked with and I really like science so it would be cool keep up the hard work. come and check out my blog

  2. Hi Kamo my name is Maria and I´m from Kawakawa Primary School and Obleck looks messy and really fun and also it looks sticky and it looks really fun to make. Did you have to use flower or no? Keep up the hard work Kamo.